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Important links

Omar Hashem / Important links

To Learn For Filmmakers:


Camera Report Instructions

Camera Setup/Overheads Instructions


Manifesto For Student Filmmaking

How To Make a Shot list

Sample of Shot List Schedule

Sample For Preliminary Shooting Schedule

Calling The Shot


Production Binder

ScreenWriting Packet


Download Screenwriting Template on Microsoft Word

Writing An Arabic Script

Official Papers For Filmmakers:

Actor Release Form 18+ – Model 1

Actor Release Form 18+ – Model 2

Actor Release Form 18+ – Model 3

AV Script Form

Audition Form – Model 1

Budget Sheet

Call Sheet Template – Model 1

Call Sheet Template – Model 2

Call Sheet Template – Model 3

Call Sheet Template – Model 4

Call Sheet Template – Model 5

Casting Evaluation Form

Cast Information Checklist

Cast Contact Sheet

Casting Sheet

Camera Report – Model 1

Camera Report – Model 2

Continuity Log Sheet

Crew & Cast Waiver

Crew Contact List – Model 1

Crew Contact List – Model 2

Crowdfunding Strategy Template

Cinematography CheatSheet

Cue Sheet

Locations Contact List

Locations Fact List

Locations Information List

Locations List Documents

Location Permit Form – Model 1

Location Permit Form – Model 2

Location Permit Form – Model 3

Location Permit Form – Model 4

Location Scouting Sheet

Lighting Diagram

MakeUp & Hairdressing Record

Music Reference Sheet

Music Release Sheet

Filming Notice For Residents

Producer Binder First Page

Script BreakDown Sheet

Script BreakDown Sheet – Model 1

Script BreakDown Sheet – Model 2

Storyboard Template – Model 1

Storyboard Template – Model 2

Storyboard Template – Model 3

Storyboard Template – Model 4

Storyboard Template – Model 5

Shot list Template – Model 1

Shot list Template – Model 2

Shooting Schedule Breakdown Sheet

Sound Report – Model 1

Sound Report – Model 2

Sign in Sheet

Recommended For ASU Students:

APA Template

MLA Template

Production Binder Checklist

ASU Actors Database

ASU Filming&Safety Agreement

ASU Subject Release

ASU Submitting Location form 

ASU Film&Safety Policy Declaration

Official Papers For SAG:

Taft – Hartley Report (Principals Only)

Taft – Hartley Report (Background Actors)

Screen Actors Guild

Screen Actors Guild Theatrical & Television Sign-In Sheet

Performer Contract For Interactive Program

Freelance Contract – Theatrical

Final Cast List Information Sheet

Casting Data Report For Stunt Performance And Coordinators Only

Screen Actors Guild – Casting Data Report

Low Budget Affirmative Action – Casting Data Report

Casting Data Report – Instructions

Screen Actor Guild – Member Report ADR Theatrical & Television

Screen Actors Guild Performers Production Time Report

Screen Actors Guild For Stunt Performer’s

Minimum Three Days Contract

Station 12 Form

Recommended Applications:

Amazon Studios

Final Draft For Screenwriting

 Celtx (For Scriptwriting)

 KODAK (To Know Your Camera Settings)

 ShotLister (To Draw Each Shoot)

CeltxShots (To Draw Each Shoot)

 EasyRelease (Easy Way To Find Forms)

MovieSlate (Electronic Slate)

ShotDesigner (To Know Exactly Where To Place Camera&Lights)

FilmmakerToolkit (To Make Sure You Took All The Shoots That You Need)