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About Walomar

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The Start

In the spring of 2018, Omar and AlWaleed met for the first time in front of a movie theater and sat all night talking about filmmaking. Their minds collided in the middle of an April night pitching ideas about how to use our cameras for a good cause. Omar Hashem is passionate about producing movies while studying to be a producer at Arizona State University. AlWaleed was passionate about translating feelings into videos. Although AlWaleed’s career focus is in engineering, Omar revived his dream of making movies.

Together combined, we fill the gaps between traditional movie production and the new era of online content to create magic. Not so long after, WALOMAR Media Production was created.


Our vision is to create original work. We noticed the constant rhythm in the movie industry, where most movie endings are easily predicted. People once enjoyed guessing what might happen in the next scene, and we want to get that back by being original and think differently.


Our mission is to show your story in the way you always imagined and reach your expectations and satisfaction.


Our goal is to produce original movies and media that doesn’t follow the traditional rhythm which most movie production studios follow.